Gregory Ovenden

Location Sound Recordist and Outside Broadcast Sound Engineer

For sound services and rates please contact me at:


You can also follow me on Instagram: @thesoundfarmer

I offer location sound recording services for almost any style of production; corporate, short film, art installations, online promos and junkets to name a few.

With almost 10 years experience in the field of location sound and six in outside broadcast engineering, I have a range of technical skills and equipment at my disposal. As well as being reasonably friendly to work with, my main aim in life is to make any shoot go as smoothly as possible and I'm a strong believer in working as a team to do so.

I have a particular interest in natural history and consider myself to be a "general wildlife enthusiast". I've worked on various productions for the BBC Natural History Unit including Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch as well as wildlife themed shoots for the One Show. I have a range of hydrophones, contact mics and parabolic reflectors specifically for wildlife sound recording.