The Foreign Office

Caught In The Middle: from Raindown on Vimeo.  A short promotional film by Raindown for The Foreign Office.

Build Africa

Build Africa Main Edit from Raindown on Vimeo.  A short promotional film by Raindown for the charity Build Africa.  Filmed around Masindi, Uganda

The Sound Farmer's Show Reel

The Sound Farmer's Sonic Showreel from Gregory Ovenden on Vimeo.
A short compilation of projects highlighting two avenues of sound I explore; location sound recording and post production sound/design.

"No More Limits Left"

No More Limits Left from Ross Bolidai Visuals on Vimeo.

A documentary about Base Jumping. Directed, produced and shot by Ross Bolidai.
I was responsible for fixing audio, sound designing the rushing winds, a day's location recording on Beachy Head and the overall mix. Royal Television Society award winning documentary.

"Santander: London Grand Prix Unveiling"

Boom operator and assistant sound recordist for the teaser for the London Grand Prix.

Aviva Promo by Natalie Suthons

Aviva - Epic mid-life crisis from Natalie Suthons on Vimeo.

A rotoscoped animation I sound designed and featured in!

"The Hour Glass"

The Hour Glass - Preview from Joscha Thelosen on Vimeo.

Here is the opening sequence of an animation upon which I sound designed, recorded foley and portrayed the voice of Death. Animation by Joscha Thelosen, music by Lee Carter. The animation has won two awards so far, both at the Film Leben Festival in Germany; for Best Film and Best Short Film Animation.