Here are a few of my professional credits:

  • Arena Television LTD: 2014 - Present

  • Senior Outside Broadcast Sound Engineer
  • BBC Springwatch / BBC FA Cup / Sky Rugby / Fishomania / ITV Football / ITV Darts / ITV 6 Nations / BBC CMRW Rugby / Channel 4 Rugby / BT EPL

    Rigging, operating and maintaining broadcast equipment.

    Logistics with hires and kit transport.

    Leading "floor sound" team.

    Training new crew.

    • BBC NHU Spring/Autumn/Winterwatch 2014 - 2018

    • Sound Engineer
    • Worked on 9 Watches over the course of four years.

      Studio rig/operation, rigging wildlife mics, SQN mixer for remote presentation, mobile studio buggy operator.

      Location sound recordist for Shrike VT, Forest of Dean, Winterwatch 2018.

      Locations: RSPB Minsmere, NT Sherborne Park, NTS Mar Lodge, WWT Caerlaverock, RSPB Leighton Moss.

      • BBC NHU/The One Show

      • Location Sound Recordist/Wildlife Sound Recordist
      • Breaking Bird Brains:

        Investigating how woodpeckers drum. Recording behind and infront of camera.

        Grass Snakes:

        Investigating swimming grass snakes.

        • BBC South East

        • Location Sound Recordist
        • Future Tense: The HG Wells Story:

          Documentary focussing on HG Well's Creations.

          • SoundCredit: 2013 - 2014

          • Sound Engineer
          • Sound mixing/rigging/assisting/remote sound for corporate events.

            • Manoto TV: 2012 - 2014

            • Studio Sound Mixer, Location Sound Recordist
            • Persian television channel originally based at Capital Studios, London.

              Feedback, News, Manoto+ chat show, GMA Behind The Scenes, Money Matters, Music, Cinema, Monkey Show, Tech Show, Time Tunnel, Sali Talks, Various VTs and Specials

              • Raindown Productions/Build Africa: 2013

              • Location Sound Recordist, Post Production Sound Mixer
              • Promotional documentary filming in Uganda, Africa.

                Spent 4 days in Masinidi, Uganda filming a local school.