Gregory Ovenden - Wildlife Sound Recordist

Location Sound Recordist, Outside Broadcast Sound Engineer,

WWT Caerlaverock

Here are a couple of recordings I carried out at the WWT Caerlaverock near Dumfries, Scotland.

I was here for the shooting of this years' Autumnwatch working in the studio and managed to sneak in a bit of time to do a spot of recording on this very busy site. There was certainly no shortage of recording opportunities...thousands upon thousands of migrating Canada and Barnacle geese would fly in overhead, at night we could hear the "seep seep" calls of Redwing as they passed in the night's sky and I was lucky enough to capture some Fieldfare calls with my reflector. I find them to be quite illusive when trying to record them on the farm, taking flight at the slightest disturbance.


Fieldfare Calls

I was able to commandeer a couple Sennheiser MKH70s to record the ambience of the Whooper Pond. A cacophony of wildfowl and waders were to be heard; Whooper swans, Widgeon and Mallard ducks to name a few.


Whooper Pond Activity